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Mixed Race is the fastest growing minority in America. The arts have opened up new ideas through colorblind casting, fusion in music, visual art, and literature. Just as each racial/ethnic group influences and changes artistic styles and movements, Mixed Race artists help to create fusion and bridges cultural and traditional differences.

"In The Mix: Conversations with Artists...Between Races" is a one-hour radio documentary hosted and produced by Dmae Roberts. Through the voices of artists who have dedicated their lives to building bridges and bringing to light interracial issues and themes, Roberts takes us on a journey toward understanding what it means to be of Mixed Race.

This is a NPR-news friendly 54 minute one-time special featuring artists of all different disciplines and races. The documentary features Lou Diamond Phillips, Writer Lisa See, Playwright Heather Raffo, Conceptual Artist/Writer damali ayo, Poet Robert Karimi, Musican Phillip Blanchett, Visual Artist Phyllis Fast, Oregon Shakespeare Actor Demetra Pittman and Thomas Lauderdale of the band Pink Martini.

As President-Elect Obama stated at the end of his Acceptance Speech: “For that is the true genius of America -- that America can change. Our union can be perfected. And what we have already achieved gives us hope for what we can and must achieve tomorrow."

Featuring music by Pink Martini and Paumyua.

Contact: mediarites(at)comcast.net

Lou Diamond Phillips as King Arthur
in Camelot



Dmae Roberts knows what it is to be the bridge builder of often being the only person in the room who can bring disparate groups together.  She has spent much of her adult life working on documentaries that deal with multiracial identity. 

Dmae Roberts is a two-time Peabody Award-winning writer and public radio producer living in Portland, OR. She won the USA fellowship and the Asian American Journalists Association's award for civil rights and social justice. She has produced more than 400 documentaries and features for NPR and PRI, including her eight-hour Asian American history series, Crossing East, winner of the Peabody in 2007. She runs MediaRites, a non-profit dedicated to multicultural arts productions. For more info visit dmaeroberts.com, mediarites.org or crossingeast.org.


Sara Caswell has written and produced for MediaRites Productions since 2001, including Crossing East, winner of the 2007 Peabody Award. She is a writer and musician living near Portland, Oregon and enjoying her young family.


Clark Salisbury's work over the past 20-plus years has included public radio programs, music libraries, musical artist recording and production and web design. Highlights include the award-winning PBS documentary Kids In Crisis – Robert’s Story, Wisdom of the Elders radio, the Flash-based Refugee Dreams Revisited and the Peabody-award winning series Crossing East. He is owner/operator of BobbleheadMusic. His technical articles have appeared in Electronic Musician and Keyboard magazine, among others. Salisbury is an accomplished guitarist and electronic musician and has performed with a varitey of ensembles in his hometown of Portland, Oregon, and throughout the US.


"Founded in 1983 as an independent, not-for-profit corporation, Public Radio International® has distinguished itself by producing, acquiring and distributing innovative content that enables U.S. audiences to "hear a different voice," bringing new voices and global perspectives to the public airwaves." - description from PRI.org

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